Homme Total Solution

Homme Total Solution


“A reasonable choice of cool guys!”
# Toner + Lotion + Essence in one bottle!
# Managing at once without stickiness with men’s customized formula
# Moisturizing energy that fills men’s dry skin
# Brightening & Anti-wrinkle dual functionality
# All-in-one care for busy men!

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Dr.NUELL Homme Total Solution


120ml Skin non-irritation test completed

“A reasonable choice of cool guys!”

# Moisturizing Care # Skin soothing # Sebum control, skin smoothing # Brightening

Moisturizing energy that fills men’s dry skin

Homme Total Solution

  • Toner + Lotion + Essence in one bottle!
  • All-in-one care for busy men!
  • Hold the greasy sebum and add moisturizing~
  • Locking in moisture for men’s dry skin with Trehalose, Matricaria Flower Extract, and soybean sprout extract
  • Hydration + Moisturizing + Soothing care all in one!
  • The scent of gentleman that everyone is satisfified with


A moist feeling

Containing trehalose, which has moisture cohesiveness, it keeps dry skin hydrated

3 IN 1

With one product, you can get the effects of skin, lotion and essence at the same time

Brightening & Anti-wrinkle dual

Niacinamide brightens the dull skin, and adenosine helps improve the wrinkles to make the skin elastic.

Main ingredients

*Only for raw material characteristics

What it does

Light, fresh and watery formula
Easy to apply over the entire face and comfortable to reapply several times with light lotion-type cream

Opaque lotion-type cream
An opaque formula filled with moisture and nutrition gives a smooth feeling

NO excessive oil, moisturizing
without drynes

Keeps moisture balance of the skin and provides moist feeling without irritation after shaving

It is Recommended for such Skin

Those who has oily skin

Those who don’t like to apply toner, lotion
and essence step by step

Those who want to regain moisture taken away by external stimuli such as shaving, drinking, smoking, etc.

Those who want to present an irritant-free cosmetics to their dad or boyfriend

Those who want enough nutrition and moisture for their skin


After cleansing, take an appropriate amount and apply it on the face and neck along the skin texture. Then, pat it until fully absorbed

 Homme Total Solution TIP 

1. 1. It is a non-irritating product, so please apply it several times after shaving! It quickly soothes your weak and rough skin due to shaving
2. You can be a handsome man if using it frequently in the bathroom, the office and the car with this easy-to-use pumping type product.
3. If you use BB cream, mix Homme Total Solution and BB cream in the ratio of 1:2 to use


Skin non-irritation test completed
30 adult men and women used it for about 3 days to measure skin irritation. As a result, it was acknowledged to be a non-irritant product. (Korea Dermatology Research Institute)


  1. If there is any abnormal symptom or side effect such as red spot, swelling and itching when using cosmetics or after using due to direct sunlight, consult dermatologists.
  2. Do not use for wounded areas.
  3. Precautions for storage and handling
    A) Keep out of reach of children.
    B) Store away from direct sunlight.

Additional information

Weight 6.60 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 6.25 in


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